January 24-25 2019 San Petrito Beach, El Pescadaro


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We are going to stay an undetermined amount of time here, the daytime breezes from the ocean and nice and the evening breezes from the mountains make the evenings very nice

San Petrito Beach had once been a Federal Campground some years ago but a big storm washed pretty much all signs of the campground. So now its a Free beach camping and has its own little community feel to it. Finding the access road was like most Baja directions, required some local knowledge to find our way in.

Traveling down any Aroyo with a 40 foot RV can be a challenge and even worrisome, if I get stuck I will need something at least a big as me to get the MH out.


And with a little luck and direction from Lars we found the beach camping





After refusing for many months to install FB Messenger, I had to so we could meet up with Wally Levy. Many of you already know Wally from his Motorcycle days and The Vintage In The Valley Motorcycle Show. He has always been a big supporter of DSBC. Anyhow he messaged me thru Facebook, and failing other attempts of communication I had to download FB Messenger from the evil empire of the Zuckerberg.

After many hours of missing messages, then Wally leaving his phone behind. Vern and I decided to take a walk to Raffies Beach Bar, not to far from where we are staying. We start walking down the back road and a woman asks if we know directions to the Beach Bar, and being the gentlemen we where, we told her to park her car and walk with us. While walking down the beach we exchanged names, Tracy then informed us she was looking for her brother in law, (was in the car behind but they went another direction) Her brother in law was going to meet some friends for drinks on the beach and he could not seem to find them. I had to ask who her brother in law was.............you guessed it Wally Levy. Small world we live in.

Direction sign to the Beach Bar


Finally we connect with Wally Levy at the Beach Bar just before sunset





One more Baja sunset


Wally was down here with his wife Cheryl, his best friend for life, Kevin and wife Rhonda, and staying at Tracy's (Cheryl's sister) Casa, in El Pescadaro Heights

Wally on the deck with a view of the Pescadero suburbs


The Pool


The Master Bedroom



Anita and Jake, anyone interested in a Baja Dog?


The neighbors



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I haven't seen Wally since he was at Holeshot when Holeshot was on the By-pass in Langley. That was forever ago!