Movember 2022


I hope that everyone is doing well this year, now that Remembrance Day is over , we have this to talk about!
Seems like we have a good start for this years Movember Campaign ! I guess I have been more on the Facebook site but the message is the same ...
Keep seeing you doctor, each year " Early Detection the Key " Talk to your brothers, make sure that they are ok! These last couple of years have been brutal!
And if you need help please ask!
I would like you to visit our team site if you have time! Donate to the cause if you can ...
Thank you

Randy Hamm



We sure had fun when Neil (Hawk) Shaved off his moustache for this cause!
I don't think that he has had a smooth face since!!

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Today was a milestone! With the support from friends and family, after 11 years... We have raised over $40,000.00 for mens health!
Thank you all for your kind support and lets keep the conversations going! IMG_0584.jpeg