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Squamish bound for Monday - Indian Arm and Norton Lake


Its been years since I've ridden to Norton Lake (ride Indian Arm at least 2/year), but last I recall it was a baby head party for most of the road up.
You might be right on that note. A couple I know were up that way a year past on quads. Mentioned that it was steep at points and loose. Either way will find out tomorrow. Oh, want to ask what member's name Adam has. He had that mishap in Vernon and would like to find out how he is. Thanks!
Been up there twice this year - she is rough - would be real challenge on a twin, my 690 was ok, and I am not worlds greatest rider
Well Norton Lake has been tackled. Hold the throttle steady and feather that clutch! What a joy ride. Ten kilometres of steady climbing over every kind of rock. Loose rock, loose sandy rock and rubble. Kind of played with your mind after awhile. Then of course the "dance of the rock" coming down again. But, it was an adventure in the end. And that is what is all about. Glad to make it back in one piece. Was a pleasure riding with my first time riding partner, Howard. Made for a memorable day! Finally, haileypooch, you have my most utmost respect!end of the line for this one.jpg. end of the line for this one.jpgjust relax and don't blink.jpgNo turning back now.jpgNorton Lake rest area - amen.jpgNow for the way done.jpg
Great pics Bruce.

My follow up ride is cancelled until I get better. Am fighting a bad kidney infection. When I’m able, I’ll post a proposed ride thread in the proper location. Sorry for having hijacked yours.

Great job in a great ride.


New member
Is Howard a dualsport member? curious the seat he has on his KTM? Nice photos and thanks for posting the trip report.