Bill 13 Off Road Vehicle Act for BC


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Well I'm going to see what the insurance agent has to say about the plate for my sons bike today, should be interesting......ill keep you'all posted


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Well that was fun, ICBC insurance agent "refused" to insure the bike. The agent quoted "Its a cash grab by ICBC to collect the liability insurance that they were missing out on from the private insurers" and "little to nothing to do with tracking stolen bikes as the stolen bikes will still be ridden as usual"
Seems that you "have to get your liability insurance for off-road from ICBC not from a non ICBC source"
Also you need to bring:
Original bill of sale ......Ok bike was bought used and changed hands a few times so nearly impossible
Receipt for the purchase of the bike from whoever.......thats fair enough
If you dont have an original bill of sale you must get a notarized letter to say you bought and own the bike and how much you paid for it (more cost).
If you succeed in this process, they issue you a plate, however my son is under 16 and unlicensed .............

So I think to save all the cost and hassle, screw the Communist Registration System (CRS) altogether and Son can run the gauntlet.....they have to catch him first!


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I have three trail bikes, all bought new from a dealership over the last 6 or 7 years, so all taxes would have been paid at that time. All of the paperwork is kicking around somewhere, but it will take some digging to find it. Does anybody know if I will need to dig it up, or will ICBC already have all the details on these bikes, including the fact that I'm the original owner? Basically do I need to bring in more than just the serial numbers to register them in a case like this, where there was no private sale involved?



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You WILL need to bring all the paperwork, ICBC is trying to get all the dirt bikes on the books as there is no paper trail for dirt bikes at all, unless stolen, it will be interesting to hear if they try and charge you GST/PST on the bikes again!


Pardon if this has been asked before all this nonsense ONLY for dirt-bike/ORV's?
I've had both of my Dual Sport bikes insured and plated since the day I bought them....surely I don't need another plate or need to provide proof of purchase for something that is already registered as mine !?!


I would think that the process of registering it into your name would cover the issue of taxes paid for on-road licensing/insurance. But, to get off-road licensing/insurance there may be an issue/question about insurance/taxes. I have a few dirt-only bikes, bought many years ago...sure am not interested in digging to find paperwork which was likely lost in divorce times.
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Dualsport bikes already registered do not require OHV insurance or registration, you already have registration and insurance that covers you everywhere


Cultusking, I get that, but the question arises if the street plate is not renewed or the bike is to be ridden at times when it isn't in effect and an application is made for the off-road plate. My Bro has a 2001 EXC he's owned forever and it has been plated in the past, but only several years back. This will be an issue for him if he chooses to both with the Governments new regs.....which I doubt he will.


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No, its already been in his name and registered so he can choose either insurance/ registration as he has title already. He can just choose if he wants on-road or off-road insurance, plus he has title, proof of ownership, hes paid the taxes etc.


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Original bill of sale from the dealership? Or bill of sale from the previous owner?

I would think the original bill of sale from the dealer should work, it proves tax paid. Seeing this would be the first time registration that should be good enough.


So for the six months of the year that I don't insure one of my rides (for the road)...I could still insure it for Off road?


Wow, that is a PITA. I can see why guys with older bikes that have had multiple bikes are complaining. Coming up with the original bill of sale would be almost impossible. Bill of sale from the P.O. is not that bad.


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I went through this bill of sale crap years ago with a sled i bought off a fella.The icbc folks insisted i get an original bill of sale from the previous owner,which it turns out it was bought new by his father, ok this should be no problem? Oh yah- the guy has been dead for a few years! Try getting a bill of sale signed by a dead guy!
As well, I built my wife a frankenbike for the dirt, a crf230 engine in a crf250r aluminun frame, which has no bill of sale what so ever as i bought a rolling chasis , so what now with that one?
What is with these tax hungry A-holes, always trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of us, and causing everyone a lot of hassle and grief.


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Well if I succeed in getting registration on my sons bike i'm going to a friends sign business and getting him to make a decal plate up scanned off the ICBC one and stick that on the bike.......maybe even have it printed into a graphic for the whole bike, then the plate is kept pristine at home and the bike gets some protection on the plastics
If they complain too bad
Oh and thats only if a succeed in getting the registration, at the moment its 50-50


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Is it a crime to lie to a Notary?

Here's what the law in Canada says:

131. (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation, by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or orally, knowing that the statement is false.

Video links, etc.
(1.1) Subject to subsection (3), every person who gives evidence under subsection 46(2) of the Canada Evidence Act, or gives evidence or a statement pursuant to an order made under section 22.2 of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes a false statement knowing that it is false, whether or not the false statement was made under oath or solemn affirmation in accordance with subsection (1), so long as the false statement was made in accordance with any formalities required by the law of the place outside Canada in which the person is virtually present or heard.

(2) Subsection (1) applies, whether or not a statement referred to in that subsection is made in a judicial proceeding.

(3) Subsections (1) and (1.1) do not apply to a statement referred to in either of those subsections that is made by a person who is not specially permitted, authorized or required by law to make that statement.

132. Every one who commits perjury is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

133. No person shall be convicted of an offence under section 132 on the evidence of only one witness unless the evidence of that witness is corroborated in a material particular by evidence that implicates the accused.

So, with respect to 131. (1) above, if you lie to a Notary you're committing perjury.



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Just got off the phone with the insurance agent. Apparently riding on the shoulder is also allowed with the ICBC coverage. He didn't know how far, but I plan on testing the boundaries by riding the bike all the way to Squamish.



There's an ongoing thread re this on thumpertalk in the Canadian forum on this but...

This is ONLY my take on this so please don't come down on me if I missed something or I am miss leading...

I have..
been riding off road bike's in the US ie California
a street bike license class 6
a street legal insured road bike (that I can ride pretty much anywhere I want except private lands)
a not street legal dirt that I have papers for
a not street legal dirt bike with no papers
gone into Westland Insurance (not ICBC). They have plates and are on top of things IMO

If you have the papers your good to go with your insurance company or ICBC to register and get a plate. You don't need PLI at this point. every bike needs an OHV plate/registration for public/crown lands Under 18 exceptions). it can be mounted on the front plate. you need to have the papers with you when you ride.
If you do not have the papers, you can get the notary papers from them. Some people have posted that they could register with hand written bill's of sales but this depends on the agent. This should be a separate topic IMO

Personal Liability Insurance
This is required regardless of who you buy it from, BCORMA etc for riding on FSR's or public/crown lands or any place the RCMP, FSO or CO can stop you and ask for it. This is covered under the FSR use regulations, motor vehicle act and commercial transport act.

I'm including the following for reference..

You may have issues getting PLI etc for kids under 16 this will restrict where you ride and how you access trails. This has NOT changed under the BILL 13.

Access to some FSR's may change to fall under MTO regulations. This would mean you would also need a class 6 to ride your OHV plated with PLI, non street legal bike on these.

We only need BCORMA if you want to put some of your PLI money back to your local off road club. I am for this.

if I had a street legal dirt bike I would keep it stickered and insured 365.

I'd be interested to hear what the RCMP say if they pull you over riding up the side of the hi-way to squamish on your OHV/PLI non- street legal dirt bike. You could ask them before hand.

I have no problems with the new BILL if it helps retrieve stolen bikes. If some time in the future this becomes not a one time fee and we have to re-register I would be a little less OK.

I would really like to see that some of the $$$ for the registration goes back into making BC the premier off road place in North America.
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