2009 Dead Zone in Spences Bridge (North Fraser Canyon) BC


old trials guy

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Thanks to all the folks at DSBC for a great weekend and ride.

The campground:

Repairs on the Aloop:

Cornwall Hill:



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That was a lot of fun. I don't think I have seen so many dual sport bikes in one spot before. 175.....wow


or so many pup tents


The food was great,



The scenery was great.




The riding was great.


Thank you very much to the organizers and anyone who helped out with this event. It was a lot of fun.




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What a great weekend ! :clap::clap::clap:

A few more pics. Lots of awesome track like this on the 'B' route.


Here's a badly lit shot of our group out on the trail.


Joker and I waiting while Wayne fixes somebody's motorcycle for them. Wayne was helping people all day. :clap:


The 'B' route was lots of old two-track and lots of single track. Fun!! :bliss:


The obligatory Cornwall shots...



Joker was a little L8 getting outof the Dead Zone trails. Hisbike was starting to look a little ragged at that point. (So was he!)



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Great pics Ken, thanks for the ride.


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What a great weekend! :dr: Thanks to all who made this possible. I had a fab weekend and didn't think about work from the time I left home to the time I returned.

I rode up on my GS with Julius (poor Julius; there but for the grace of god...... Hope you heal quick bud) by the highline road through Seton Portage. Never been there before and what a cool road that is. Was planning to do the scenic route but on arrival was informed that I was doing the A route instead (aided and abetted by Ted) and had a Kawa 300 thrust between my legs :shock: (cheers Tom I owe you for the gas at least).

Turned out fine though, apart from tripping over a log and misjudging the depth of a puddle which turned out to be about 3 times as deep as it was long and completely swallowed the front end:gaah:

Cornwall hills and the high meadows were a highlight for me (missed that last year). By lunch I has swallowed enough dust that it was oozing out of my eyes and making my vision all blurry and was feeling pretty bagged so I decided to get an early shower (bliss). Excelent food (love the beans) and an endless supply of Corona rounded off the day nicely.

The ride home next day started with a good breakfast at the Packing House and a fabulous day with Peter, Pat and Jeff. The ride was marked by an unusual event when we came up behind a large convoy of cruiser riders in tight formation with little opportunity to pass. When we got to Whistler we lined up at some lights in the right lane while they were in the left. Hoping to out drag them at the lights we made a good get away but got snarled up in a small group of them waiting down the road, who mistaking us for they buddies, pulled out infront of us. So now were stuck in the midst of this amoeba like mass of riders bimbling along in and endless construction zone, onelane hell. Jeez! it was all I could do to stay awake. Finally, a few clicks from Squamish we break free and make a dash for the ferry at Horsehoe Bay.

Tired but happy we make the last stretch home in evening sun and comfortable temperatures at last. One by one we peel off the highway with a wave. I cruise the last few k home reflecting on the weekend.

This was one of the high points of biking. Gotta love it eh?

Thanks again DZ crew :hb:


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Another heartyTHANK YOUto the team for all you hard work and execution of another flawless event:clap:. Trails where perfect, weather was top notch, beer was coldand the bike didn't break. What else can a guy ask for.

Getting ready to leave in Surrey Friday a.m.

East side Harrison witha quick detour to Clear Creek

A little R&R in the hot springs

Friday night at Kumsheen, pool, bar, pool and a couplemore cocktails. Up at 6:00 and on to Spences Bridge.

Deadzone all Saturday

Ride back home Sunday

Not sure how it could have been any better:mb:


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I don't have any pix or vid to share, but I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who helped organize this event and made it run smoothly. I'd especially like to thank wjm and his son who did the gas for us, without you I would have had a MUCH heavier backpack full of fuel bottles. Thanks guys!



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more dusty KUDO'S from here, well organized, heaps of fun all weekend, good job to all involved. Dirt on the way down, really dirty on the day, and more dirt backto home, I am a dirty dirty boy. When does it all happen again!!
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On behalf of the Hoolsema clan thanks to all the organizers and volunteers who make Deadzone happen. You guys did a great job with all aspects of the event. Half our crew did the A loop and loved it. The other half did the B loop and only had good things to say about the route.

A-route clear cut.



A-route single track.



Meeting up with the B-route. Beautiful country.


Backside of Cornwall


Exploring an old road.


The Annual group photo.



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A very large thank-you to the fantastic organizers. Especially Mark, Judy
and Tom for the big time and effort they put in. Also "New Guy"(Scott), Bren,
John,Ted, and Niel.

The food was delicious ......
Thanks Packing House and Spences Bridge Search and Rescue.

Whoa this is sounding like some kind of awards speech.

That was a lot of fun. Thanks all.



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Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on another excellent event! :clap:

Arriving on Wednesday, we were able to ride some of the C+ options on Thursday, and the B route on Saturday.

Start of a 'C+' Option coming down Cornwall Hills


Taking a break on the 'B' route



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Had a great time, many thanks to the sponsors:clap:. The organisers have this down to a fine art, everything was great, the food, the route etc. :tup:. Haven't stayed up that late on a Saturday night since last years event:D.

And these guys didn't rant to bad about my stopping for frequent breaks:p.

Cheers, Alex.


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Keep these awesome pics coming! Looks like it was an awesome event. Wish I coulda been there but my hurt arm kept my away. Crappy things is I have to wait a whole year for the next one...


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My souvenir from this years DZ.
Can't write so much now. So quickly...thanks to everyone who helped drag my sorry arse outta' the bush. More soon.


old trials guy

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Julius wrote:
Can't write so much now. So quickly...thanks to everyone who helped drag my sorry arse outta' the bush. More soon.


I hope it mendsquickly, getwell soon.



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Dead Zone Wrap-Up(from my point of view)

:dr:Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2009 DualSportBC Dead Zone :dr:

Officially we had 178 signed-up participants. That's a few more than we had last year.

:tup:Many thanks to Mark for being our main organizer again this year. There's is a ton of behind-the-scenes work, negotiations, begging, borrowing, planning and scheming that goes on and he does it so well.

:clap:A big thanks to Tom. Without his knowledge of the area we wouldn't have those GREAT riding trails that you all enjoy so much. Not to mention his endless hours in front of the computerplanning routes and working on the roll-chart

We all need to thank this next group of guys for their endless hours of pre-riding all of the routes, clearing trails, cutting fallen trees, clearing rocks and making the routes assafe and as challenging as possible. These guys are: Neil, Mike, Mike O, Walt, Scott, Bren, Bob, Vince, Lev, Bogdan, Bill, Tom, Mark, Ian, Ted and Paul.

A HUGE Thanks to our Sponsors. Without them we wouldn't have big events like the Dead Zone. They also help us throughout the year with our smaller events. Please support our sponsors and when you make purchases from their businesses let them know you are from DualSportBC.

5th Gear (Bill)

Richmond Motorsports (Kerry Smith).

Big Top Powersports

Pacific Yamaha BMW (Brian Bently)

Motorcycle World - Surrey

Island BMW - Brian McDougall

Burnaby Kawasaki

Western Powersports - Langley

HoleShot Racing- Langley

Britannia Composites - Ian Banbury

Motorcycle Overland Development

Gnarly Parts

MTR Sports - Robert Currie

MinuteMan Press - Surrey

I think you will all agree that the food at this year's Dead Zone was once again FANTASIC!! I'd like to thank the local Search and Rescue squad for putting on a wonderful BBQ on Friday night. They did more than we expected. Thanks for those wonderful cherries Arnie!!

The PackingHouse Pantry and the local townspeople provided a great dinner on Saturday night. If you are ever driving thru Spences Bridge make sure to stop by the PackingHouse for a great meal and an enlightening experience. If you go to the cafe you will know what I mean.

I will post more thank yous and photos later.



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Our 3 day weekend started out with breky at The Verse at 9am "precisely"

THen hit the trail at 10'ish :)

We did some trails through the Inks lk area and booted up to Greenstone Tower, .

BEAUTIFULL day for a motorbike ride :bliss:

Before we hit Savona for fuel (took us the better part of 2.5hrs to get there ...40k from Kamloops), we stoped at the edge of a large field and cooled off under the trees.

SO there we were , just minding our own business boot'n down some sweet 4x4 trails and we pop out of the woods and there is this gal broke down...30k up in the middle of no where.

She said she had been there for about an hour and a half.

We sent Wayne (04klr) to the cabin about 8k back from where we came from to get her friends to come rescue her.

She said " WellI heve Tequila shooters, Rum & Coke, warm beer and water...what wouild ya like. I took a water:gaah:

As we talked she said she was freaked out from all the bear crap arround the car...BIG piles of it, and was worried that she might end up in a pile of it is the bear came back:hr:

She showed ua all the bear crap..."Hey that's Horse poo" HAHAHA.

YUP...tyrans oil

Finally arround 7 or so we made it to the DZ site and set up camp.

Sunset....and all the Iron's waiting for sunrise:woohoo:

Oh yeah.

Gordo's 690 had a failure on our way to the DZ, more pics to follow.


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Thanks to the event organizers and all the great people who attended.

It was my first dead zone and I had a great time!

Very cool that the organizers let my buddy who drove up with me enter at the last minute. Too bad for him he got a flat tire 30 km into the ride.

Coolest Moments:
- Pretty much everything was cool. The riding was excellent. The B had varied terrain that was a blast.

Worst Moments:
- Coming of the bike unpleasantly due to going to fast and not successfully negotiating a ditch that was in the middle of a perfectly good piece of old dirt road.

- Realizing that a stock KTM tank cannot reach the lunch stop even after strapping 2 litres of fuel to my fender. Was no fun coasting down the logging roads and praying I would make it to cache creek on fumes.

Great Event!

Kevin 11